Entrepreneurship Center Events: August - September - Oktober

  • Founders’ Roundtable – Stage Two Edition I 21 August, 7:00pm, digitalCHURCH, Aachen
    This special edition will feature the University Round, or Stage One, to determine the RWTH nominee for Stage Two. The pre-selection of the RWTH Stage Two nominee will take place in addition to our regular 2-3 pitches of (potential) founders. All experienced and future entrepreneurs are invited to join us. Find out more and register here.

    Dr. Unicorn – Climate Tech Edition I 14 September, 5:00pm, Collective Incubator, Aachen
    Are you a researcher waiting to disrupt the climate tech space? Look no further! We teamed up with the VC Contrarian Ventures to discuss Climate Tech Innovation and how to build a team, secure capital, and master technology transfer for your startup idea. This event is for scientists interested in or working on Climate Tech Innovations. Find out more and register here.

    Founders’ Bootcamp I 09-11 October, Collective Incubator, Aachen AND online
    The 3-day compact seminar of the RWTH Innovation Entrepreneurship Center has been imparting know-how and entrepreneurial spirit to participants for over 15 years, resulting in over 100 start-ups to date. Join us to build the toolkit essential to start your venture – No idea required. Find out more and register here. Be quick and get your discounted Early Bird Ticket by 01 September.